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In addition to China and the United States, top countries included the United Kingdom, Japan and Germany.

Among developing and emerging countries, renewable energy investment fell 30%, to USD 116.6 billion.

Developing and emerging economies overtook developed countries in renewable energy investment for the first time in 2015, but developed countries retook the lead in 2016.

Trends in renewable energy investment varied by regioni, with investment up in Europe and Australia; down in China, the United States, the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Oceania (except Australia) and Latin America; and stable in India.

The country also invested significant sums in large-scale hydropoweriii, although down relative to 2015; China commissioned nearly 9 GW of capacity during the year, a large portion of which was projects larger than 50 MW.2 ( See Hydropower section in Market and Industry Trends chapter.)Investment in Europe totalled USD 59.8 billion (up 3%) in 2016, due mainly to significant investments in offshore wind power.

Asset finance accounted for 78% of the region’s investment, at USD 46.9 billion, of which USD 40.6 billion was invested in wind power (up 10% from 2015) and USD 1.6 billion was invested in solar power (down 75%).

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