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The British refused to give any more concessions, however, unless the United States provided compensation for the vast amounts of Loyalist property seized after the revolution. This treaty attempted to clear up some of the lingering problems of American separation from Great Britain.

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Spanish American’s differed from Mexican Americans. In the 1820s, Steven Austin and thrity or so settlers took to south eastern Texas. They wanted western technology and asked the colonist to come and settle in Texas by buying cheap land, but needing to work. Many came and soon the settlers outnumbered the Tejano, who became worried they would loose control of their culture.

The Politicians that moved from the south to the north were called scalawags.

Both terms became synonymous with dirty language.1840, William H. Still, as a democrat, he now took position as the supreme leader of the country.

Wayne got twelve Ohio Valley tribes to sign the Treaty of Greenville, which opened most of the Ohio Valley up to white settlers. Jay also gained American access to West Indies’ ports. ) After the Revolution this partial resolution included The British agreement to vacate the western forts, and to compensate American ship owners.

In return, the Americans gave most favored nation trading status to the British.

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